Worship Resources

For those who follow the Revised Common Lectionary, a variety of original worship resources will be added over time.  Use in your contexts is welcome; simply give credit!

Epiphany – Year C
Sixth Sunday after Epiphany – Year C
Fourth Sunday after Easter – Year C

A Pastoral Prayer: Emmaus Road
A Pastoral Prayer: Psalm 46
A Pastoral Prayer of Remembrance: For a Year of Distanced Worship

Peace Prayer: The Natural World – Lent 1, Year A
Peace Prayer: Air – Lent 2, Year A
Peace Prayer: Water – Lent 3, Year A
Peace Prayer: Dirt – Lent 4, Year A
A Prayer to be Seen – Lent 4, Year A
Peace Prayer: Fire – Lent 5, Year A
Call to Worship: Psalm 86.11-17 – Proper 10, Year A
Prayer of Petition – Proper 15, Year A

Psalm 85, Collect – Advent 2, Year B
Psalm 125 – Advent, Year B

Words of Assurance
Prayer for Other Faith Communities in a time of Covid
Prayer for Peace in an Election Season